Dear Guests,

It is our privilege to welcome you to our virtual UK Tech Week, Turkey 2021. We are looking forward to working with you to design the future and determine the role of digital and green technology in the post Covid-19 recovery.

Please let us introduce you to our conference platform and its features on the homepage.


If you would like to join us, please register onto the Registration Desk on the home page, today.

To complete registration, you should fill in the form and identify your interest in the UK.

You will be asked to confirm if you’re interested in investing in the UK or in buying goods/services from the UK. This will help us to arrange a bespoke programme of 121 meetings for you with relevant UK companies and also direct you to the relevant Exhibition Area.

After completing your registration, you’ll be eligible to visit all conference rooms; Exhibition Area, B2B Meeting Area and Conference Halls 1-4. To enter them, click on the room signs on the home page.

Exhibition Area:

You will be directed to the Exhibition Area, relevant to your interest in the UK.

If you are a potential or existing UK Investor, you will meet UK service providers who can help you build and grow your business in the UK.

If you are an EECAN buyer interested in purchasing UK goods or services in the renewable, smart city or advanced manufacturing sectors, you will meet UK companies who will showcase their innovative tech products and or services that will meet your needs.

You will talk to UK businesses and service providers, live over video call and text in the exhibition area. UK companies will host an exhibition stand and you will be able to talk virtually to real company representatives, by simply clicking on the company stand sign and introducing yourselves. You will also see and interact with their products on their stands.

B2B Meeting Area:

Once you receive your registration confirmation from the Department of International Trade you will be able to see the names of UK companies and DIT representatives you will be able to talk to 121, in the B2B Meeting Area.

Throughout the 3 days of the conference, you will be able to have 121 meetings in the private B2B rooms.

Please spend time before the conference to schedule your meetings, so that you can secure a meeting time and ask your questions to DIT team and UK companies.

Conference Halls:

We have 4 four Conference Halls.

The Programme of lectures and events will take place in our four halls.


Language buttons will allow you to choose whether to engage in English or Turkish.

To ask your questions, click submit via the question button.


Click on Programme to see how the full three day conversation runs over16-18 February 2021, where we will explore how digital and green technologies will be key in the post Covid-19 recovery. There will also be a spotlight on how the UK can act as a springboard to global growth for technology businesses.

Turkish Ministry for Industry and Technology:

The conference has been designed in collaboration with the Turkish Ministry for Industry and Technology in support of the Republic of Turkey’s ‘New Economy Programme 2020-22’, with a particular focus on the programme’s ambitious targets on open data, technological transformation, and high value-add manufacturing.

DIT is proud to be collaborating with the Turkish Ministry for Industry and Technology.


Right top corner of the homepage is the dropdown Menu. Here will you be able to navigate the virtual conference and find downloadable documents to support the agenda, as well as a press room and contact us button.


If you need any technical assistance please get in touch with the Helpdesk on the right top corner of the menu website.

Conference participation will take place only on the UK Tech Week, Turkey platform  . DIT will be in touch with you also after the Conference.

We are delighted that you will be joining us.

Best regards,

DIT Turkey