16 February 2021
Keynote Speeches
Judith Slater
HM Trade Commissioner for Eastern Europe and Central Asia
Sir Dominick Chilcott KCMG
British Ambassador to the Republic of Turkey
Mustafa Varank
Minister of Industry and Technology, Republic of Turkey
Graham Stuart
MP, Minister for Exports, United Kingdom
Trade Sector Sessions
Hall 1: Advanced Manufacturing - Hall 2: Smart Cities - Hall 3: Renewable Energy - Hall 4: Healthcare
Advanced Manufacturing
Panel: How Industry 4.0 Technologies and Digitalisation will Change Manufacturing in a Post-Covid World: Opportunities and Challenges

• Opening Speech: Fatih Kacir, Deputy Minister of Industry and Technology of Turkey
• Moderator : Prof. Dr. Bahattin Koç, Director of Integrated Manufacturing Technologies Research and Application Centre and Professor of Manufacturing and Industrial Engineering at the Sabancı University
• Barry Maybank, Chief Digital Officer, The Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC), High Value Manufacturing Catapult
• Oguz Sezgin, Information Technologies Coordinator, Digital Transformation Leader, Koç Holding
• Happy Dudee, Projects Director, Valuechain
• Mike Loughran,CTO UK & Ireland at Rockwell Automation
UK Trade Mission Briefing (Advanced Manufacturing, Smart Cities, Renewable Energy)
• For the UK companies joining to the trade missions from the UK on the opportunities in Turkey
17 February 2021
Welcome Speeches
Judith Slater
HM Trade Commissioner for Eastern Europe and Central Asia
Lord Gerry Grimstone
Minister for Investment at Department for International Trade and Department for Business Energy and Industrial Strategy
Lord Robin Janvrin
United Kingdom Prime Minister's Trade Envoy to Turkey
David Armstrong
Partner at PwC
Why emerging Tech is a key driver for a Post Covid recovery?
Inward Investment Sector Sessions
Hall 1: The UK’s Technology Landscape - Hall 2: FinTech Sector- Hall 3: Creativity & Digital Marketing- Hall 4: Digital Health & MedTech
The UK’s Technology Landscape
Dr. Chris Moore, Technology Sector Specialist, DIT
Spotlight on the UK Regions
Andrew Elwick, Senior Manager, DIT Investment Services Team
Setting Up in the UK snap shot sessions
 • Incorporating a Company, Tax System and Liabilities: Peter Jelfs, Tax Specialist, DIT Business Environment Advisory Team
 • Visa Options for the UK: Julian Davis, Senior Visa Services Advisor, DIT Business Environment Advisory Team
 • Opening up a Bank Account in the UK: Paul Webster, Business Specialist, DIT Business Environment Advisory Team 
Inward Investment
Mike King
First Secretary, Chief Operating Officer & Head of Investment, Eastern Europe & Central Asia Region
GEP Masterclass
Derek Goodwin, Head of Entrepreneurship / Global Entrepreneur Programme, DIT
Scene Setter- Alumni Panel Discussion
Stephen Mooney, Moderator, Entrepreneur / Global Entrepreneurs Programme Dealmaker
Alumni Panel Discussion
Stephen Mooney, Moderator, Entrepreneur / Global Entrepreneurs Programme Dealmaker
Gokhan Celebi, Faradai (Formerly Reengen)
Resit Dogan ,Mental-Up
Adam Pierkarski - Triggo
Scene Setter, Masterclass
Stephen Mooney, Moderator, Entrepreneur / Global Entrepreneurs Programme Dealmaker
Masterclass 1, Access to finance, pitching and fundraising
 • Stephen Mooney
• Shalini Khemkha
• Alpesh Patel 
DIT’s Venture Capital Matchmaking Initiative
• Antonio Mesquita, Investment Adviser, British Embassy Lisbon
18 February 2021
Welcome Speeches
Judith Slater
HM Trade Commissioner for Eastern Europe and Central Asia
Professor Carole Mundell
FCDO Chief International Science Envoy
Mehmet Ali Akarca
CEO KocSistem
Role of R&D and innovation in Turkey’s digital transformation
Panel: Newton Fund for Private Sector: Closer look to “Leaders in Innovation Fellowship” and “Industry Academia Partnership” Programmes
• Moderator: Pinar Celikcan, Newton – Katip Celebi Fund Programme Manager
 • Mete Karaca, Director, International Cooperation Department, The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK)
 • Sharad Sharma, Senior Manager, Industry Academia Partnership Programme, Royal Academy of Engineering
• Dr. Ozge Akbulut, Sabanci University, Case Study 1: Leaders in Innovation Fellowship Programme
• Prof. Aysegul Aksoy, Middle East Technical University, Case Study 2: Industry Academia Partnership Programme- Transforming Systems Through Partnership Programme
R&D Funding Opportunities in the UK
• Dr. Peter Dirken, Global Missions Programme Manager, Innovate UK
Case Study: WeWALK – Innovate UK Smart Grants
• Gokhan Mericliler, Co-Founder, WeWALK
• Jean Marc Feghali, Imperial College London (R&D Lead @ WeWALK)
Introduction to the UK- Turkey Research Partnerships Scoping Event: Collaboration with UK Catapults Showcase
"UK – Turkey Agri Food and Drink Market Challenge Team" Project
• Calum Kelly, Agri-Tech Solutions Lead, Satellite Applications Catapult
• Turgut Orman, Coordinator, International Projects Office, General Directorate of Agricultural Research and Policies (TAGEM), Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry

"UK-Turkey Bilateral Strategic in Digital Transformation in Manufacturing" Project
• Junuz Jakupovic, Digital Transformation Advisor, The Manufacturing Technology Centre, High Value Manufacturing Catapult
• Fatma Hazal Ince, Senior Expert, Industrial Transformation and Sectoral Policies, Turkish Industry and Business Association - TUSIAD
UK-Turkey Research Partnerships Scoping Event
Hall 1: Health - Hall 2: Information and Communication Technologies - Hall 3: Environmental Science